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Product & Services > Taste of Vietnam



Quantity : 01 pcs

* Rice paper, soft : 2psc
* Lettuce, butter : 12gm
* Mint leave : 4gm
* Prawn 31/40 PTD : 60gm
* Vermicelli, rice, fresh : 80gm

Preparation method
* Arrange rice papers on sushi mat, add one on one, overlapping each other.
* Add lettuce, herb, vermicelli and prawns.
* Fold the rice paper and roll tightly.
* Cut it into individual pieces.


Quantity : 6 ptn

* Spring hence, fresh : 1.4kg
* Coconut water, (fresh or young coconut) : 300gm
* Sea coconut meat : 150gm
* Cane syrup or golden syrup : 20gm
* Vinegar, Chinese : 10gm
* Shallot, sliced : 40gm
* Spring onion, stick : 20gm
* Salt : 8gm
* Pepper, black, crushed : 2gm
* Oil, vegetable : 0.5lt
* Onion, white, sliced : 200gm
* Chicken powder : 5gm

Cooking method
* Prepare the chicken and marinate with salt and pepper.
* Stuff the chicken with spring onion, shallot, salt pepper.
* Tie up with bamboo skewer. Dip in boiled water and set aside.
* Bring syrup and vinegar to boil. * Brush the chicken with this mixture every 20 minutes, repeat 3 times.
* Heat the oil and fry until chicken skin become golden brown.
* Arrange chicken in deep large pan, add fresh coconut juice, cover the pan and bring to boil.
* Reduce heat and stew until chicken is well cooked and tender. * Remove chicken and drain. Set aside.
* Saute sliced onion until golden brown, pour the stock and cook until stock thicken.
* Remove onion. Add sea coconut meat into stock and cook until coconut meat is tender.
* Check seasoning.
* Portion the chicken and arrange on a platter. Pour the sauce over the chicken.
* Serve with momordica fruit sticky rice.

PHU SHI CAKE - Dessert

Quantity : 6 pax

Sponge Cake, Steamed
* Egg, whole : 2ea
* Icing sugar : 70gm
* Flour, cake : 70gm
* Vanilla, powder : as needed
Phu shi Filling
* Coconut cream tin : 300gm
* Pandan juice : 70gm
* Sugar, crystallized : 80gm
* Tapioca, powder : 40gm
* Rice powder : 40gm
* Butter, unsalted : 15gm

* Coconut , grated fresh : 70gm

Preparation method for pandan juice
* Wash 80 gm pandan leave and blend with 80 water in a food processor.
* Filter through a sieve, to collect the juice and set aside.

Cooking method
Prepare sponge dough
* Line out the mould with cling film.
* Pour dough into bowl and steam until sponge is ready for around 40 minutes.
* Cool down and slice it into three layers, horizontally.

Prepare the Phu shi filling
* Mix tapioca, rice powder, sugar, coconut cream and pandan juice.
* Bring to a boil, stir mixture frequently until completed cooked. Add butter and blend well.

Make Phu shi cake
* Line mould out with cling film. Pour Phu shi mixture into mould.
* Place a layer of steamed sponge on top of it and press slightly.
* Repeat this action until three layers of steamed sponge and Phu shi mixture has been arranged in to a bowl.
* Transfer to a chiller to cool down until mixtures has completely set.
* Turn up side down and remove the bowl and cling film.
* Sprinkle with grated coconut flakes and cut into 6 portions.

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