Apply for COOK Production Department/ Canteen

Ho Chi Minh

- Male, 1.60m, 55kg or higher/ Female, 1.55m, 45kg or higher. Age not beyond 30.

- High school or vocational school graduated.

- Skillfull in Western, Asian and Vietnamese cuisines or other dishes.

- At least 01 year experience working at hotels, restaurants or caterings.
Recruitment Documentation including:

1 - Application form with photograph of applicant (download on website:

2 - Curriculum vitae/ resume

3 - Copies of resident / KT3 certified, ID card.

4 - Copies of relevant certificates.

5 - Health certification.

Write clearly applicant’s phone number & position apply on the document cover/ Email subject.

For more information , search on website:

Apply for:

Admin & Human Resources Department (Tel: 0963 186 802)

Vietnam Airlines Caterers Ltd.

Tan Son Nhat Int’l Airport, HCMC


Deadline: 31 August 2019

Note: Only inform to candidate meet requirements.