Our Values

We will be the best flight catering company in the Asia Pacific region. We will achieve this by:


Placing continual emphasis on providing total customer satisfaction

Thorough knowledge of in-flight Catering is only part of what we offer. A willingness to listen to your needs and to implement them from kitchen to cabin is also part of our service. We are only satisfied when your passengers are satisfied. Customers satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

All of this adds up to an ability to value and satisfy your requirement, and ultimately, those of your passengers.


Ensuring the highest standard of hygiene and consistent product and service quality

A quest for the best is an obsession within your catering team. At every stage of the process, be it raw material supply, food preparation or shipside delivery we are committed to ensuring the highest standard of hygiene. We implement 5S, ISO 9001 & SQF (Safe Quality Food) 2000 a fully accredited HACCP standard. Measures include temperature control, separation of the food types, continual stock rotation.

All of this will assure you and your passenger that nothing has been overlooked.


Building lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with all our customers

We don’t believe that one size fits all. Our aim is to build a special relationship into a strong partnership. It starts with communication and develops into trust.

At Vietnam Airlines Caterers we have found that the best way to maintain a professional relationship is at personal level. The better we know you, the better we can understand and meet your needs. The relationship between caterer and airline can bring success for both partners, every step of the way.

chef 2

Providing our staff with the means to enjoy a promising and challenging career

It all comes down to people. In every flight kitchen there are thousands of skill sets. And on every aircraft there are as many tastes as seats occupied. It is our job to find the tastes that most appeal. We treasure our valued staff and we retain them by sharing consistent standards and values over time.

We encourage a hunger for excellence and we recognize it when achieved. We train rigorously, but we mentor and coach when the real world defies the classroom.


Protecting the environment by adhering to strict standards of energy conservation

Protecting our threatened environment should be everyone’s priority. That’s why, at Vietnam Airlines Caterers every significant project we undertake requires an environmental impact statement. No exceptions. We encourage a more sensible use of resources through our philosophy of reduce, recycle, reuse and replace. Moreover, we take pains to follow strict standards of energy conservation, waste treatment and air emission.


Applying the best technologies, processes and operating systems to maximize productivity

We therefore employ new technology only if it improves our product and service. Better access to timely and changing information helps us to maximize our productivity and to improve our service.

Ultra-modern technology ensures standards remain high. Our operating systems are committed to meet customer’s top priority on safety and security. Provide safe and secure catering service to customers.