According to security regulation of the Aviation Authority as well as the requirement of our Airlines customers, employees who work at the restricted area of the airport must be trained and well-equipped with professional aviation knowledge and got recognition certificate issued by the Aviation authority.

In spite of many difficulties, the training Center of Vietnam Airlines Caterers Co., Ltd step by step came into life at the end of 2015, with the approval and facilitation of the Board of Directors.

After one year of preparation, we met the requirements of the aviation authority. Our training programs, teaching materials, teacher plans, organization system, management team as well as internal teachers are excellent far beyond from the expectation. On September 1st 2017, the center received the decision of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam on the issuance of competence certificates to train and provide professional aviation qualifications. This is an honor and a landmark in the training and the development of Human Resources of the Company.

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