In the framework of cooperation between VNA and ANA, on the 26th of June, the Passenger Service Department has organized a Japanese cuisine class for chefs of the catering companies: SGN, HAN, and DAD.


The training was hosted by Mr. Shinichi Kakuta - Top Chef of ANA Catering Service Co. Ltd, Mr Takumi Oshima and Ms Takeda Kayo at VACS with the attendance of 2 NCS chefs, 4 MASCO chefs and 2 staffs from Passenger Service Department.  


Japanese culture is famous for its elegance and sophistication, and unrivalled standards of quality of services. As their cuisine also tends to be more delicately flavored than other countries, we created this opportunity for the VACS’ chefs to be taught by Japanese masters to ensure that our passengers would be able to enjoy the optimal flavor and consistently great taste of an authentic Japanese meal.


Hopefully, the training session has helped VACS chefs to be more confident with their work results and also contributed to the improvement in the quality of our Japanese food providing to our Airline customers.