To our great pleasure and honor, VACS has been selected as the Overseas Best Caterer Award Fiscal Year 2018 in the category of Middle Haul Service by All Nippon Airways. On the 10th of July 2019, we had the pleasure to extend a warmest welcome to our special guests for their visit at VACS: Mr Yuzo Hara - ANA’s Vice President, Mr Tomohiko Mano, and Ms Yukiko Watanabe.


Through this award program, ANA has expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the caterers’ diligent and continuous efforts to support them by always producing Safe, Delicious and High Quality In-flight Meal,  taking their part well in maintaining ANA’s honorable 5-STAR Six Years in a row.


Vietnam Airlines Caterers Ltd. and All Nippon Airways have been sharing a close relationship since 2001 until now. Almost 20 year partnership was not without the challenges but it also comes with great joy, especially both of ours companies' significant growth and development. This is the 9th awards we have received from ANA so far. VACS is very proud to be one of the factors that contributes to our customer’s success. What we have achieved are not only the awards but also the recognition for our professionalism, enthusiasm consistent effort and our highest standard of products and service quality. It is also a big encouragement for us to maintain our outstanding performance with the ultimate aim of satisfying our valuable customers.